Friday, February 21, 2020

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JavaScript – Store Element Value When Drag

In this tutorial we will create a Store Element Value When Drag using JavaScript. This code will dynamically store an element value when drop in the form inputs. The code use JavaScript drag and drop feature in order to store element value by providing an id in the ondragstart() event. A user-friendly program so that […] Free Project Free Project Online Tax Management

Project Name: Online Tax Management Free Project Project Type Web Application Project Platform Project category Free Used¬† Programming Languages C#HTML,HTML5,CSS,CSS3, Bootstrap and JavaScript Front End ECLIPSE Database SQL Server 2014 Web Servers IIS webserver Supported Browser Internet Explorer, Google¬†Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Supported Operating System Windows 7/8, Windows 10, Linux Using Software Tools […]

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JavaScript – Change Entry Using AngularJS

In this tutorial we will create a Change Entry Using AngularJS. This code will change the existing temporary data in the table when user click the update button. The code itself use a angular directives that can change the table row data in without the database storage. This a user-friendly program feel free to modify […]